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Time Wasted

by Stop n' Shop

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All For One 04:19
I wrote a poem on my fingertips, and I clenched a fist every time I started losing track of what I meant to say; I just don't make no sense these days By the time I found the notes to play across those words I spoke, I didn't like the things I said; cuz it always sounds better when it's in my head And I'll take our conversations and burn the words into my skin To remind myself to watch my mouth, every time I try to scrub away all of my fucking regret This one's for the endless days that I was starving to death and playing songs for change; skipping all my classes to make some friends Same ones you found me hiding in This one's for the night's I've spent blowing up your phone at 3AM; because I could not sleep at all Let's blame it on the Adderall And I'll take our conversations and burn the words into my skin To remind myself to watch my mouth, every time I try to scrub away all of my regret Even though we're all far past the time we'd try to find a way to fix my broken mind; I need you more than anything Fuck the drugs that buried me This one's for the love we made in the passenger seat when the cold front hit; the fogged up glass, the warmth we felt I could not feel happier anywhere else This one's for my sunshine that helps my garden grow, this one's for my other half that keeps me together when I lose myself
Sells 03:27
Never come back (x3) Never come back around It's all simple math until you're facing division The multiplication doesn't matter because it's all subtracted You're no different than the others Cuz they were painted red to teach the children bout their bodies And we see your true colors; but what about beneath your skin and not just above? Did you find a way out? Feeling like I lost a bit of something now Did you find a way out? What happened to the effort that I put to keep you around? If you were my left wrist Well I haven't got that far but I might slice you all to bits (and I'll say) I still think you about you Marks that you left on my neck match the ones on my hips You're the smoke that I breathe Do not like the way you make me shake when you leave We are just a cell; dividing evermore to leave this body that we call Hell This is Hell; I'm burning alive I love to watch you run Fall asleep and watch you set yourself free I love to let you breathe While I choke myself to sleep
Dirty fingernails and calloused hands Dandruff flying out of his dried up hair I can't even tell if he's depressed or not All I know is that he's got no job He's stayed inside since Monday night Watching videos he shouldn't even watch The house is covered in his Gundam sets He smells like chlorine, body odor, and sweat I don't like the way he lives But it don't matter what I think Grow up get a job x2 Shave your head, and shave your face Just don’t blow cash all over the place Don’t wallow in your pity anymore Cuz you don’t need that You just don’t need that Grow up get a job x2 Shave your head, and shave your face Just don’t blow cash all over the place (Grow up and get a job, no body gives a fuck about your anarchistic mindset - I said it’s about time you live reality and face the news, that nobody really cares about your political views)
Remember the time when I tried to die; in your room when I was up to visit? The marks left on your hands from the scissors on my neck. Remember the time we drove up two states; rented a hotel to see our favorite band play? The long drive on the way was not as long on the way back. Cuz when you go somewhere new it's so hard to see the sad. But I'll try to accommodate myself as best I can So I don't have to burden you to help me feel my best as best I can. You are the light between the clouds. I am the rain that never stops. You are the warmth of drying clothes. I am the damp leftover socks. You are the first day back to school. I am the finals everyone hates. You are the reason I still try. I am the reason I still fail. You are everything that makes me feel alive.
Apologies 06:25
I spent 2/3 of last year angry Not trying to fix my problems I spent the last 1/3 going crazy I still never learned to solve them And I found out that everybody dies I bought enough caffeine for a week Consumed in 30 minutes You know I have problems with these things I have many heart palpitations And I found out that I've been getting old I thought I was lonely when you were here I've never been more wrong in my life Now I hear you falling down In the kitchen organizing knives I talk to your picture when I'm by myself But it don't feel like you're not around I feel you breathing But your oxygen tanks are gone There's cinder blocks on my chest There's something stuck in my throat Now I can't breathe but my skin's still pink Is that the way you had to go? Is that the way you had to go? (Did you have to go?) There’s a method to the madness and a gun up to my head And a man behind the barrel forcing me to read that script But a script is what I need for these late night sweats Stomach aches and migraines, been feeling anxious and depraved But that script ain't gonna come until I get my next check Been buying all of these drugs from any friend that has em left But there's a catch to feeling good and alive up in the night You tell yourself you're gonna die if your eyes lose that sight Stuck in the couch so nobody would know? I miss you more than you would know. Sometimes you gotta live the bad If you wanna be happy, you just push through the sad Sometimes you gotta live the bad If you wanna progress you understand how things exist inside your head
Locomotive 02:44
You are eternal, a self propelling train You are forever circling the world, but you’re never using the brakes But if the train will never stop, how do I get place to place? I guess I'll lay down on top of the tracks and let the engine decide my fate You are eternal, a tattoo on my brain I'll never have you covered up, you eradicate my pain I wish we knew the outcome of the impact we create God bless the conductor for our locomotive hasn’t derailed I wish we knew the outcome of the impact we create The only things that are set in stone are the words on our graves We are perpetually in motion, only driving deeper God bless the conductor; for our locomotive hasn’t derailed
Fishbowl 05:26
They tried to kick me off the premises But I refused to kill the fun And even if I can't remember half that night at all I still managed to fuck it up But that's just life Always so quick to bring me down They said I damaged thousands of dollars worth of equipment and property And even if I can’t remember half that night at all, I know they're fucking lying to me But I was wrong At least in the eyes of the police And if they're telling the truth That I tried to hit a cop And if my record remains My head was there for backup And if they're telling the truth Then I still had my fun Cuz if I don’t know why I guess I’m done 7 8 4 . 0 7 8 0 6 . 1 3 The numbers that’ll haunt my life They are related to the 3rd degree It's done and gone, there's no point to cry about the past But when I hear the word charge, I’m gonna think about the two worst ones I have But ain't that life Finding when and where to find out why I need help to help myself (x1000) 7 8 4 . 0 7 8 0 6 . 1 3 The numbers that’ll haunt my life They are related to the 3rd degree
Time 05:45
(Josh) Now everyday I wake up playing Russian Roulette Except for when I pull the trigger, a bullet's always in the chamber And I'll continue pulling feeling eager to place my bets That the next day that I wake up I'll end up sober, ever-angered And every time I try to place some questions to these problems The solutions have no meanings with no efforts left to solve them I will solemnly go hunting for more problems to acquire Until the day the candle's snuffed, the final ending to this fire (Dylan and Josh) Every time I tell you I'm gonna be okay It's just a simple lie To help me get to sleep (Dylan) You’re the fire off the stove and I’m the burns on your hands You're the Puritan hysteria and I’m the witches you cleansed You’re the sudden palpitations when I’m falling asleep Exactly 3 in the morning as I’m grinding my teeth You’re the lightning and the thunder, I’m alone and afraid Even if low probability you’d kill me today You’re the reason that I smile, I’m the reason I cry You’re my undying sobriety, and I’m the dying urge to get high
Tomorrow’s another funeral I have to attend I’m only twenty-two, but I'm so damn exhausted Half my friends are dead It's no surprise you went out dreaming You were always in your head The only thing that I have learned from every death Is that there’s plenty of times I regret Not giving my best But it twists up through my stomach Spawns roots right through my chest No I don’t have any answers Could we please calm down with the tests I hope there’s darkness in your resting And when you wake, there’s only light I hope it warms you in the daytime That it keeps you cool at night I hope that you stay smiling Wherever you should land That you’re never alone That never need a hand That you never need a hand I’ll think of you in better times I will miss you when I’m in need I’ll feel you in the summer And I'll hear you in fall throughout the trees One thing I used to say When you die you don't go to a place You either come back as an animal Or another human being That's just what I believe We all come back as leaves That's just what I believe We all end up as leaves We all end up as leaves


ATTENTION: for the digital only / CD edition:

CW: mental illness, addiction

Time Wasted started it's development in January of 2018, which began with a simple scratch demo of a song called Apologies. The album was never supposed to be a full length project, as a matter of fact it was supposed to be a second EP right after Pain Management. But as we grew more intrigued to different sounds and recording techniques, we decided to record more and more. Thus, Time Wasted was "coming soon" for many months.

The main theme of the album was always very simple: expand upon the emotions of Pain Management and put my emotions into weird lil verses of yelling with my acoustic guitar, while Carlos plays his keyboard with some improvised leads. However, the band had developed from a 2-piece project with our buddy filling in on drums for shows into a 5-piece effort.

This change of lineup brought in our good buddy Fish, then an old friend Sloth, and finally a new friend of ours Josh. With them joining the group, we immediately discarded the main theme of the album and began re-recording EVERY. SINGLE. SONG. OVER. AND OVER. (until we reached the pinnacle of our collective sound for the record).

So... yeah, this album took a very long time. Every song on this LP has a definite spot in my heart and has changed me (as well as everyone else in the band) entirely as a person.

The songs on Time Wasted all have very different meanings and motives: ranging from feeling the realness of love and support, to reminiscing of harsher times of heartbreak and immaturity. From the emotional damage of my mother passing in 2017, to addiction eating me alive within the process of all the previously stated themes.

I have been through a lot, but that's not to say that anyone else hasn't.

That's why I wrote these songs. That's why WE wrote these songs.

Call me corny, call me cliché, I could care less. These songs are for the ones going through every worst case scenario in their life, all at once.

You're gonna make it, you don't have to die trying.

I fucking love you all. I hope this helps in even the slightest ways.



released March 30, 2019

Carlos Reyes - synth/keys/gang vocals/production/mixing/mastering/basically everything

Dylan Paek - lead vocals/rhythm guitar

Fish Mirdala - bass/gang vocals

Sloth Hearing - lead guitar/gang vocals

Josh Caske - drums/harmony vocals/gang vocals


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